Monday, 8 November 2010

Fun in London

I enjoyed a rare visit to my former home town of London last week.  It was a trip spurred by family stuff but by happy coincidence coincided with the Blurb/Etsy/Moo event at the Blurb pop up shop where they were going to be hosting all sorts of events from the 3rd to 14th November.  I have used Blurb for three books over the years and have always been impressed by the Book Smart software and the quality of the books, especially since the introduction of their premium paper.  My first book was an experiment really - my first foray into the world of photo books and I used a selection of my blue photographs shot in Morocco as they make a really nice unified theme and I was very happy with my softcover book.  Next I made a book of Abandoned Christmas Trees which has been one of my ongoing photo projects for a couple of years, it was great to see the best of the bunch in a lovely square hard backed book with premium paper.  So it was with great interest I listed to the talk and saw an expert at work with the software and managed to get some questions answered.  There was a very impressive display of books to look at which I must say, put my modest offerings to shame, but I was certainly inspired to have another go.....perhaps I'll finally make the graffiti book I've been meaning to for years? 

Also present were who are printers of business cards, postcards & greetings cards, you can cleverly import your images from many online sources and have a different image on each card which is invaluable for anyone who makes products or photographers wanting to show off their pictures.  I've used all of their products over the years and could be tempted back!

Finally, of course Etsy was present, there was a talk by Anda which was really aimed at people without Etsy experience or beginners, but it was very interesting to put a face to a name and later on I met who writes the AmityEtsy UK Edition blog and has very kindly featured my work on a number of occasions!

I also met a great group of people who either use Etsy or are thinking about it, it was lovely to chat and share my experiences with them, it's such an exciting and vibrant theme and it was a great day!

Thanks to all involved!

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