Thursday 31 January 2008

Photographer Photographed.

., originally uploaded by multum in parvo.

I had a great couple of days in London, mostly photographing street art of one sort of another. I haven't seen anything new and inspiring in Manchester for absolutely ages and had rather lost interest in this subject. Even if Manchester seems to be drying up, London is in good shape as usual especially in the old favourite haunts of Spitalfields and Brick Lane and it's environs.

This picture is in the borders den underneath the Royal Festival Hall where I have previously only been at weekends and you would have to have a death wish to venture in there when it's full of skaters. It was a pleasant surprise to find it totally deserted apart from quite a few people with cameras all taking advantage of the quiet time.

I love the sharp focus on the rough, silver painted concrete and the girl in the middle distance taking a close up of some graffiti on the column and the tour group in the background against the really blown out sky.

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