Thursday 14 August 2008

Brilliant Timing!

I've decided to spend a bit of time on my Eyeshoot shop today and started off by checking the Treasury list, as the page opened I saw to my amusement that there were exactly 333 lists. This threw me into a wee panic as I didn't have a selection planned or even a title, so I hurredly typed and saved the rather lame title of Red, Blue and Green and then whacked it in the little box when it finally turned up. Not exactly the ideal way of creating a Treasury, but I got to it quick smart with the help of the Colour Tool and have made a pretty good job of it. I don't usually go for the big and bold colours, but it's been so dull here that I thought that a nice injection of bright would be a good thing!

Here it is:

I've also decided to upgrade my Trunkt Portfolio as $99 forever isn't exactly a massive amount of money, I'll make it back if I get just a handful of sales. But I can't get the payment to go through and it's really irritating me.....I'll try again later. If I don't loose interest and change my mind.

I had an email from Greetings at Photobox saying that my card designs are live on site, but I don't see any sign of them so far. Irritating. I hope they show up soon.

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