Friday 14 November 2008

Sad Mac

When I went to check my life on my iMac on Wednesday morning, all was not well as the pretty swirly screensaver had frozen.  I nudged my mouse and tapped my keyboard and nothing stirred. Off I went to my spin class and hoped that it would all be better by my return.  Needless to say, it wasn't and I've had to reinstall my buggered hard drive, erasing all of my info in the process.  I wasn't too happy about this as you can imagine but as we have a super dooper Time Machine/Time Capsule Back Up system on our network which seems to back up every couple of hours all of it's own accord, I wasn't too bothered.  Silly me.  It's been a nightmare and I can't get my stuff back.  I've managed to download my lovely Lightroom 2 after being talked through it by a charming young man at Adobe Support so at least I can deal with today's sales if the images are in Flickr as I can download them at full size from there and hopefully get my printer drivers installed again so at least I'll be able to print.  Our genius tame geek who has installed everything here including the back-up system is coming over tonight and I'll have all of my extremities firmly crossed that he can find my pictures which also include all of my formated prints which are saved as PDFs for nice easy printing, templates for cards which took me an age to work out in Quark Xpress (I've got the discs for that, so at least I can have that back).  To add to all of the agro, we're off on holiday tomorrow for a week to mum's place in Spain and if this issue is left unresolved, I'm afraid that I may be somewhat unbearable as I mentally go through everything that I've lost.


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