Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back from Crete and a Treasury

We arrived home from Crete last Tuesday and have been rushing around like a mad thing pretty much ever since. Sunday has offered me the chance for a little down time despite having to bag up and freeze the epic vegetable soup with home made stock which I whipped up yesterday, popping out for ingredients for a chocolate and raspberry pavlova for supper tonight, making the meringue (photographing the process and which is now in the oven smelling yummy), putting on yet more washing, having a quick flick through The Observer. Phew. Then when Peter's back we'll be off to the airport to collect my cousin Jamie from Holland who I haven't seen for a million years, taking him to mum's house where he's staying for a couple of days before a pre-uni starting field trip, having lunch at mum's, shopping for the rest of the Pav ingredients not offered this morning by my small local shop, back home to finish the Pav, have a bit of a breather and back to mum's for supper. I 'll need another holiday after all that.

We had a lovely time in Crete and I'm working my way through the 450 photos and they'll be on line soon and there will be some new prints for my shop too.

Here's a lovely Treasury featuring my I Love You print:

I Love You
by Go Bead

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  1. Wowsers! You have been busy!
    Look forward to seeing you at the meet on Sat and catching up with your news :D
    Clare x


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