Monday, 26 October 2009

Featured twice and multitasking.

I've been very good this morning and have had a good session at the gym with my new iTrain workout which I do on the cross trainer. It's only for thirty mins which isn't as long as some of the others which I do regularly, but it gives me plenty of time to do my weights, abs and stretches and leave after an hour feeling very virtuous. Today I destroyed 750 of the calories I scoffed during our four hour Chinese lunch yesterday!

I've also been working on the photos from the Balfour Beatty shoot on Friday. They all look good but my Sigma wide lens is seriously filthy and I'm spending most of my time removing the splodges which is irritating to say the least. Also some are looking a bit soft so I think that if I am going to get more work like this (fingers crossed) I may have to look into getting a remote shutter release which should solve that little problem.

I've also almost finished booking my surveys in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for tomorrow and Wednesday amidst all of this fevered activity have managed to find that my work is featured in two more Treasuries today - how nice!

All Together
by PDX Craft

Many thanks to both curators for including my work in your lovely Treasuries!

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