Monday 3 March 2008

Self promotion today

Being rather dispirited about my lack of sales I decided to jump in to an Etsy Showcase and have signed up for the main Storque showcase on this Wednesday (the 5th March), I've tweaked my prices to what I think is reasonable but am still concerned that they are too high for Etsy as most members seem to sell their lovely work for stupidly low prices.
This is my pricing:
Matted A4 prints $35 which is only £17.60
Unmatted A4 prints $30 - £15.00
Notecard set of four $10 - £5
A5 print unmatted - $5 - £2.50
Crane Museo 100% cotton rag cards - $5 - £2.50
Print Club - $100 - £50 (for one print a month for a year)

I've also filled in the Etsy Cafe interview which sounds like a good bit of self promotion.

I'm very intrigued to see if the Storque Showcase has any effect on my sales.

Peter's also designing me a new logo as I think the existing eyeshoot one is a little to harsh for my taste these days, so hopefully that will be done by the showcase day of Wednesday and I can have it in place and looking lovely.


  1. Found you through Etsy Cafe. (I think I'm listed 2 above you) Your work is amazing...I just checked out your shop. Had to mark a few "hearts" and make you a favorite.

  2. I hope it'll bring you some sales!


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