Thursday, 23 October 2008

I wish....

A great Treasury appearance for my little snail shell, all of the people featured are members of the Photographer's of Etsy Team - great stuff everyone!

Permanent Vacation
by Beth Peardon Prods

Mind you, I can't really complain about lack of holidays, I've got three lined up with the first starting tomorrow when we drive to London and spend the day with my father, supper out in the evening, overnight at dull utilitarian hotel and then a crack of dawn (7.00) coach from Victoria to the ferry at Dover then to Calais (fingers crossed for a smooth crossing please). Then it's a long coach drive to Reims in the heart of the Chamapagne where we will proceed to sniff, swirl, taste and sip the sparkly delight for the next two days. We go to a variety of Chamapagne houses from the big and glam (Tattinger) to the small and bijoux (Hattie). Can't wait - I've even got a new frock for the evenings!

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