Friday 13 March 2009


No, not mine.

I'm shooting a wedding this weekend. Someone in my Monday yoga class passed my details on to friends who were looking for a photographer for a low key do. I said yes, way back in September and have been quietly panicking about it ever since! The big day's tomorrow and the rehearsal at the church was this evening. The rehearsal went well for me (for the happy couple and family as well), it's quite a dark church, but as I was there tonight between 5.30 and 6.30 and tomorrow it will be two hours earlier, it certainly shouldn't be any darker than it was today unless the weather is particularly foul. Which I seriously hope it won't be. I'm not allowed down the aisle at all, but can lurk at the back and shoot as much as I like, my long lens is perfect and the wide is great too. So that's all good and the shots tonight were much brighter than I was expecting with them all shot at 200 iso, so I have relaxed a bit. I'll be getting there at 3.00 to shoot the church looking lovely and empty, then there's the choir. Most of the guests are arriving by coach which could make for some good shots but there's only about 40 in total. After the church they're off to a smart hotel where I'll shoot a bit including a fake cake cutting and some groups - I was hoping to use the lovely garden, but it will be getting late, but you never know, there's might be some good lighting outside. There's a nice stair feature I was hoping to use for the group.....we'll have to wait and see. I'll shoot the dining room, some champagne drinking and when they sit down to eat, I'll be off.

On Sunday there's an afternoon cocktail party in the garden and they want me to do low key, non posed hand held stuff. So that's nice and straightforward, I'll enjoy that bit!

I'm going to check out some new tripod heads at Calumet tomorrow morning as my old Manfrotto one is really cumbersome and slow to use. I deserve to have a nice easy tripod head and they don't seem too expensive.

I can relax about it now and enjoy my evening!

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  1. Ooh :D Weddings are always so wonderful. Will you be posting a few of your shots?


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