Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowed in and Two Treasuries

Well, not really snowed in, just not really wanting to go out at the moment.  I shall have to eventually as we've people coming for supper and although I have the rather too large shoulder of lamb which I shall slow roast for about six hours, I don't have the lashings of herbs for my cous cous or my green beans to cook with fresh tomato and garlic.  We were going to meet Adam in town, but we've not heard from him, so I suspect he's staying in nice and warm too.....the localish Indian shops will have all I need so I can keep on putting off the visit to a proper supermarket to do the 'big shop'.

After an unreasonably long time Treasury free, here are two which coincidentally feature prints from my Have a Seat series.

I'd like to stay right here in front of the fire drinking mead....


Thanks to both curators for including my pictures!

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