Monday 19 July 2010

Lunch at Love 2 Eat on Burton Road - Take Two.

I posted a little review of a lunch at a local cafe - Love 2 Eat a while back, you can see it here.  It had been a nice enough pit stop, a first visit to a new venue, but there were a few little things which just stood out for me and spoiled what would been a pretty good lunch.  Anyway, recently I had an email from the owner who had read my review and wanted to invite me and some guests back for another try!  I was very impressed with her response and one day when we had a friend over on a work day, I booked us in and off we went.

We were greeted with great friendliness and shown to a table which had been reserved for us, just inside the door with lots of room to spread out.  The lovely array of cookery books were there and I did get a good look at the Moro one this time!

I went for a baguette which is what I had last time, but on this occasion I chose the hot roast chicken filling as I've always got a soft spot for a bit of roast chick, and I could see them slowly and juicily turning in the rotisserie at the back of the tiny shop.  The menu listing mentioned 'lashings of butter' so I asked for somewhat less than lashings and for the mayo to be served separately (which is how it came anyway).  The boys ordered pies.....any excuse for a pie!

While we were waiting, we were pleasantly surprised by a plate of very nice brown bread, butter and some seriously good olives.  I tried not to eat too much bread before I had my bready main course, but didn't resist very well.  I'll definitely order olives on my return visit, it's one of my pet hates at restaurants and cafes when they promise you deliciously marinated olives, and you can taste that they are just out of the jar with that sort of 'instant' flavour you get.  These had a good dose of cumin seeds.  I do like to taste real, whole seeds on my olives.  Luckily I remembered to take a photo before they all disappeared!

My baguette when it arrived looked very tasty indeed, plenty of soft, just roasted chicken, no slimy bits in a slim brown baguette.  The salad was excellent, not a slimy letuce leaf in site, good green beans, little gem type leaves, nice ripe tomatoes and a few rather over rosted hazelnuts, which added a really good and unexpected depth.  The mayo was standard mayo which I don't eat, so I wasn't concerned with it.  I tried to stuff some salad leaves into the baguette as it only contained the chicken (and a very reasonable amount of butter!), but the bread sort of collapsed in a very messy and buttery manner, but I'm not afraid of getting myself messy by eating with my fingers so dug in and made a mess. I'd have liked to have seen some greenery bedded in under the chicken. But I am a pedant.  It was delicious and I ate every little bit.

The boys played with their food and made smiley pies!  They both had steak pies, one had very nice looking new potatoes and the other salad, they said they were very tasty.

Then is was greedy chocolate brownie and tea time for me.  The brownie was very good indeed and ate all of it.....My tea did not come with hot frothy milk this time!


So thanks, Penny for reading my original post and inviting me back for another lunch.  I hope you're more happy with this write up!  We'll see you again, perhaps for one of your evening meals next time?

Love 2 Eat
190a Burton Road
West Didsbury
0161 434 7077

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