Monday 28 April 2008

Posting to Blogger using Semagic

I've been using Semagic for years to post to my Live Journal and it's been brilliant. I love the way you can put your photos where you want them and it just seems like second nature to me. I've just discovered that it works for Blogger and as I've been so frustrated by the awful image management here that I am keeping all of my fingers crossed as I try to insert a few pictures in a block which is how I like them. Here goes.

. .

It's still not perfect, there are superfluous bits of text which seem to get in the way that I delete just like when I try to post from within Blogger using Flickr links. It's not good that it doesn't work well. But at lease I can post two pictures next to each other now.

Edit - as you can see they are not next to each other.....I'll try again with two smaller images, perhaps it's just the size which is the problem once the post actually arrives here.

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