Monday 21 April 2008


I've made two sales this morning! Huzzah!

One was a set of Moroccan words on walls postcards and another my Liberty and Friends print which I wrote about last week. I'll have to remake the postcards in a different way as I need to put my new logo on the back, as these still have the old one and my brilliant new printer for some reason prints in a rather smeary way on the backing card I've been using for the postcards. I'll need to have a bit of a play around to see if I can find a solution for that, I made a whole new and lovely set of postcards on Wednesday and had to turn them into greetings cards as the backs smudged. I've learned from that little mistake!

I'm very pleased indeed.

I bought a nice little square white metal frame at the weekend as I thought I'd see if I have any interest in small framed prints. The image is only 3" which is really sweet. I made one (in a different frame) for a friend's birthday last week and she really liked it and said that she was going to commission me to make one for a friend of hers. So I'm hoping that I might be on to a good thing. The frame is glazed with acrylic which obviously makes it lighter and safer for postage and it will need much less packaging than if it were glass which will keep the shipping costs down. I'll be wrapping a mock-up parcel later and going to visit the nice ladies at the Post Office to ask them for the price to various places, then I'll know that I'm not overcharging my lovely customers.

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