Thursday, 18 December 2008

Gone and Forgotten

I've been updating my website a bit today, I feel it's been rather abandoned lately, I've been adding some photos from my recent trips to Spain and the Isle of Wight, I've not added too many, as they're not exactly the best photos I've taken and I try to be selective on Eyeshoot - after all, I do have Flickr for posting a much wider range of photos.

One gallery I've been filling out a bit more is the one called Gone and Forgotten, it's for photos of abandoned graves, headstones and flowers at the Southern Cemetery which is just over the road from my home. It's the most amazing place and I'll happily spend hours in there taking pictures and even went blackberry picking there this summer (several jars of blackberry jelly and a cobbler were the tasty results). I find the bare graves with remnants of real flowers or faded bunches of plastic flowers incredibly beautiful, mournful and sad. When I first started to go there I'd concentrate on the damaged lead letters on the stones, the ones where many letters had dropped off as I found that I liked the resulting graphic effects, the way that some randomly formed words really stood out.

1905 william james

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  1. Love the Lillian Yarwood / Elizabeth Mullen shot - beautiful!


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