Sunday, 11 January 2009

Treasury and Beef.

This to me is an unusual Treasury, it doesn't have that look that so many have these days with the soft, subtle, muted colours, it's good to see a blast of greens, aquas and oranges on these dull winter days.

Just Gorgeous
by Betty Death

There's some great stationery in her shop, I really like this set made of a cut up craft book:

The lamb etc... was fabulous on Friday night and any minute now I'll have to start on the shin of beef for lunch. There's a bit of faffing and then slow and lazy oven work for about three and a half hours. I've an apple crumble to make as well, also red cabbage and something with spuds, we fancied jackets, but I think now that mash will be better as originally planned.

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