Monday 28 March 2011

The Writing's on the Wall - Graffiti Themed Treasury.

Inspired by my feature on Midday Masterpiece  I've put togeterh a graffiti themed Treasury filled with a load of great pieces from prints to wall decals to coasters and beautiful photographic prints  - in fact, there's something for everyone!


I had a fun time making my first two sets of coasters last week, especially as the weather was so lovely and I could do all of the messy stuff outside on the terrace in the surprisingly hot sun.

I have made two sets (I need to source more coasters to use to make more) so far, one with my Double Yellow Lines photos which I also have for sale as a sweet print set:

Here's how they look as coasters, I've given them three coats of semi-matte varnish and they have a slight textured finish, I think they look great!

I've also made up a set with my Heart and Love Graffiti pictures (also available as a six part print set)

This particular set has been featured on the excellent Midday Masterpiece blog - you can see all of the other lovely graffiti inspired pieces here!  Thank you to Melissa for featuring my work.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Making photo coasters in the sun on the terrace

I've been making a start on a new line of photo goodies for my Etsy shop - photo coasters! As it's such a lovely day I've been experimenting with varnish and other messy things out in the hot sunshine on the terrace - it's all drying really quickly!

I've made two sets of four coasters so far, one with my double yellow line pictures and another with a selection of hearts and love graffiti. So far so good!

They should be appearing in my shop soon.....

Monday 21 March 2011

I'm donating 25% of my sales to the Japan fund at The Red Cross

I will be donating 25% of my earnings from prints, print sets and Mini Picture Blocks to the British Red Cross' fund for Japan.  Click here to see the items in my Etsy shop included in this event.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Treasury Attack!

I've made an unprecedented three Treasuries in the last two days, the reason I've had a splurge is that I found an amazing tool which automatically Convos all the people you've included.  I used to hate doing this bit of the process as Firefox used to crash continuously and drive me mad.  This miracle tool is on the fabulously named Shmetsy, you just install it and when you've compiled your Treasury and pressed 'Save' a little box pops up with the link to the Treasury and a line tells the recipient they are included, you can change the blurb to whatever you like, press 'send' and off all the Convos go, not crashing anything.  Magic!

Here are the three Treasuries I've so enjoyed making this week!

Avocado and Prawn Cocktail

White and Orange

Into the Blue

Mother's Day Certificate

It's all very well making mother's day cards with beautiful flowers but I wanted to offer something a bit different, so am pleased to announce my 'Mother's Day Certificate'! Customers can customise it to suit their preference, replacing 'Mother' with mum, mummy, mom or whatever and obviously their name will replace 'Sarah' or it can be left blank so it can be hand signed.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Recent Treasuries on Etsy featuring my work.

I've not posted any for a while, so here's a batch of lovely Treasuries to look at and buy things from! Thank you to all of the curators who have kindly included my stuff.

Monday 7 March 2011

Tulips from Amsterdam (or somewhere)

We had lunch at the intimidating sounding International Anthony Burgess Foundation which just happens to have a splendid (if rather hot in the glaring sun) cafe.  There were some beautiful tulips on the table which were calling out to be photographed.  The actual red background was much more saturated and intense than in my finished photo, but impressive as it was, it just didn't work in the photo.  I find too much solid, flat red difficult to work with and it somehow always looks very odd.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

My Picture's in the Guardian.....again.

Crosby Steps is in the Been There photo gallery for February's travel competion, the theme was black and white.

Crosby Steps by Sarah Franklin