Monday 30 June 2008

Monday Treasuries, mine and others

I made my first ever Treasury today, it's called Fonts Letters Numbers and as you can imagine is made up of fonts, letter and numbers. It was actually quite hard to find the images I wanted and wasn't sure if it was being viewed live as I was putting it together as I hadn't planned it in advance. Anyway, it's up and running and has even had a couple of comments so far!

Here it is:
(Click here to go straight to it's page over at Etsy.)

Not only is my own on show for a few days, some more of my pieces have featured as well - it's getting busy over there,

First is the very nice 'Street' by Jenglo which features The Ministry of Silly Walks on the third row down in the middle:
(Click here to go directly to it)

Secondly, Summer Breezes by tmStudioDesigns featuring Blue Bicycle, Wall and Door in the centre of the top line:

(Click here to go directly to it)
It's interesting to see which images of mine other Etsians select for their Treasuries, there's a definate few favourites and I love seeing that little gold or grey star in the lists!

Thanks to everyone who's featured my work, I really appreciate it!

Sunday 29 June 2008

Treasury Appearance

My Brown on Blue picture is in a nice Treasury called Give Me a Mediterranean Moment by Tinybox, it's the second Mediterranean themed one it's been in!

(click here to see it on it's Etsy page)

Friday 27 June 2008

I've gone and done it again...

I can't quite beleive that I've signed up to yet another 'make money from selling your art online' site, but I was really impressed and couldn't resist.

I know, I know, I'm weak and greedy and vain.

Anyway, it's Redbubble and I think it looks really impressive. It's one where you don't actually have to be bothered to make anything, which suits me fine (I adore Etsy and do get a thrill from making stuff to order, but I really like the idea of someone else having to do the printing while I just collect the money - so call me lazy). They offer a nice and not too massive range of goods - greetings cards, mounted prints, posters, canvas prints, framed prints and t-shirts, I have no interest in the T-shirts and I've no idea how to make my images big enough to be accepted as posters, but I can live with that. The site's a bit Flickr like with groups and commenting and what seems after a cursory glance, quite a lot of community stuff going on. I'm not sure I really have the time (or inclination) to nurture any more online communities with all that adding, hearing, posting and chatting, but I'll poke around a little bit and see what happens. I've joined two groups so far and have gathered a few comments which is always nice for the ego.

So I'll carry on uploading some pics and wait to see if there are any sales.....

Wednesday 25 June 2008


I set up an account at when it was 'pre-launch' and it was offering a free forever account and it was too good an opportunity to miss out on. I was all enthusiastic and listed a load of stuff and then sort of forgot about it. I recently remembered about it and have been happily listing duplicates of my offerings on Etsy, it's really easy to copy and paste all the details once you have set up a cloned product. In my absence from the site, they have got themselves organized with a frequently changing front page which is a great improvement from the somewhat static one they had previously which seemed to to stay the same for weeks and weeks.

Anyway, I spotted my new uploads on the front page and thought they looked rather nice!
Mine are the 1st, 3rd and 4th on the top line and the 1st and 2nd on the second line.

I've not sold a thing from here and I think that's pretty much the case for the majority of members.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Back in dull old Manchester....

We arrived home from Japan on Friday. We had an awsome time! The food was divine, the shops wonderful and the gardens were out of this world, not to mention the temples.

An all round wonderful experience.

I've been working my way through my photos for the last few days and have added a few new prints to my shop which I think are rather lovely and I hope that other folk do as well!

Here's a few random images:

. .
Helping hands at Tiffany's

On the train. . .