Thursday 30 September 2010

Feeling Blue Sale! 25% off my blue prints!

I'm having my first ever sale thanks to a fabulous and stupidly easy to use new application called Etsy on Sale.  You log in to use it and it basically lets you have a sale on either all the items in your shop or by section, you can choose a percentage or an amount, you can set a start and stop time and you can add a new title and it all happens as if by magic!  Your items have a nice new title, the prices are automatically reduced and, best of all, it all disappears when your chosen time frame is up.  How great is that?

Anyway, as soon as I saw details in the ever informative Etsy Forums, I knew that it would let me apply shop wide discounts for the UK Silly Sale which I wrote about yesterday.  I may have to rejig my sections a bit, but I'm sure I'll manages.

My 24 hour sale is called 'Feeling Blue' and it's offering 25% of all my blue pictures (that's blue coloured if you were wondering), I've made a new banner and a bit of a lame avatar (it's so difficult to make a nice design in a 75x75px size, it's so small!) and I'll see how it goes.

All of these lovely pictures are included:

Wednesday 29 September 2010

It's the UK Sellers Silly Sale Promotion.

Well it will be soon!  The Silly Sale is a great new promotion being proposed by some enterprising UK based Etsy sellers and the idea is to offer crazy deals (whatever you want, buy one get one free, free postage, % off etc) on old stock, ends of lines and so on basically to have an end of year clear out whilst making a bit of extra dosh! for 24 hours starting at 7pm on Friday 8th October.  There will be epic amounts of promotion all over the place to lure in lots of buyers.

I haven't decided what to offer yet, but I have made a new shop section called uk silly sales specialsI have a few matted prints to get rid of as well as quite a few one off prints which I didn't like for some reason and decided not to sell, they can go, I also have packs of made up card blanks and envelopes which I don't use any more, so there's a few things.  What discounts to offer? that's a tricky one.  With the lack of batch editing, it's a very off-putting thought to have to individually edit a hundred or so items to offer free posting or a shop wide discount - perhaps I can refund after the sale's been made, but that might not seem so tempting to buyers.  Buy one Get one Free would be good and that would be an easy refund to make, or maybe a refund wouldn't be necessary, if the customer buys a listing and then leaves a 'message to seller' to say what else they'd like.  Mmmm, that sounds good - Buy one print and get one  the same value free - would that tempt you, a (£22.50) $35 print for nothing?

I'll get my act together over the next couple of days and start tagging, add this lovely little badge to my banner and all the other Tweeting, Facebooking stuff that's involved too.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

All the Fs - Featured on Found on Folksy!

As I mentioned earlier, I've been getting friendly with my Folksy shop after many months of ignoring it and since listing my Scrabble cards and pottering around in the forums etc I have made one sale and been featured on Found on Folksy - click here to see the post which is all about the last gasp of summer here in the UK and is full of street party bunting, swirly skirts and my beach huts.  We're well past summer in Manchester as my searching out my leather gloves - and actually wearing them proved on a cold but very sunny Saturday.  Anyway, I'm flattered to be featured in such an aesthetically pleasing and popular blog and I'll continue to look after my Folksy shop!

I was Found on Folksy

Sunday 26 September 2010

Oops, I've smashed my iPhone....

I pulled my phone out of my back pocket as I have done countless times, but this time it slipped through my fingers crashing, glass down on to our ceramic tiled floor.  It's well and truly shattered, the surface is rough to touch and feels as if it could cut, there's one little tiny piece of glass missing which goes right through to the inside of the phone....It actually looks rather beautiful.

Apparently it is insured, so I'll find out on Monday if that's the case, and if it is, then great and I'll await a shiny new replacement.  If it's not, I'll have to get a screen protector film thing to hold the bits in place for as long as possible until I can afford a new one!

Saturday 25 September 2010

Long Time Humbugger Signs up for Etsy Sellers Holiday Bootamp

Anyone who knows me will be aware of my long standing aversion to 'The Holidays' as Etsy quaintly calls Christmas.  I'm a real humbug, I don't like all the crap that's on sale (already!  Sainsbury's tonight had an aisle full of Lindt reindeer and swimming pool sized tubs of cheap chocolates) I like the cooking and the feeding of people, I like the social aspect (no, not just the wine), but I don't like the presents, I resent buying stuff for people I don't want to buy stuff for and the stuff I get in return is usually rubbish and goes to the charity shop on the 3rd of January.

I told you I was all humbug.  So it is with some surprise that I have 'signed up' for this process.

I'm going to do what I've been told and post 'the pledge':

I, Eyeshoot Photography, pledge to participate in the Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp to the best of my abilities. I vow to check in every week, do my homework and support my fellow Holiday Boot Campers. I will read the weekly newsletters and blog posts, check in on the weekly forum thread, read the weekly blog post, check off the checklists and salute the mascot. I promise to share what I've learned with those who need it, support my fellow Etsy indiepreneurs and, most of all, have a positive and persistent attitude. I understand that together we can spread the word about our handmade and vintage goods, making this holiday season a more unique and meaningful one to gift givers and give-ees everywhere!

I've already let the side down by not voting for the Camp Mascot because I think they are all horrible and I don't want to be associated with any of them.  Sorry.

Yes, I've posted my pledge to the Facebook group.

Yes, I've posted to the Etsy Forum thread.

I already have Google Analytics installed.

Mission Statement "I hope to sell shed loads of stuff so I don't end up in the poorhouse, including some pretty Christmas cards with the great snowy pictures from early this year and my lovely calendars, stop being so grumpy about The Holidays' "

So, in keeping with my impeccable academic reputation as a bit of a creep, I've done my homework.

If this Bootcamp thing can work for me it will be a miracle and I'll be unspeakably impressed.

Here's a new Scrabble Print set to end on.

Tuesday 21 September 2010

New Romantic Scrabble Cards

I've been busy today giving my Folksy shop a little love after ignoring it for a while, I love the idea of an 'English Etsy' but it just doesn't quite work for me, there's very low traffic but I do feel that I should keep a presence there!  I did sell quite a few cards in the run up to Valentine's day this year so I'm adding some more cards along the same theme, people send romantic billet doux all year round after all (I hope they do anyway!) - romantic cards aren't just for February 14th!

I am working on turning the six related images into an new print set, and they're looking great so far!

Thursday 9 September 2010

2011 Graffiti Desk Calendar

Here's the third of my 2011 Desk Calendars, this one is showcasing twelve of my favourite graffiti images.  Some will be familiar to visitors to my shop and others are being seen for the first time.  It's quite a subtle collection of images with not too much overly bright colour throughout each image which I am hoping will make it look a bit different from the other graffiti calenders out there!

This is how it looks in it's case

And here's a an artfully arranged heap of all the month's images

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire....

Well, not quite, but here's the first of this years Autumn photos!

Autumn's not quite happened here yet, I can see some of the magnificent trees in the nearby Southern Cemetery just starting to loose their green but we'll have to wait a little while longer for the full onslaught of the change.  The view from our terrace is spectacular towards the trees and when they finally turn red and brown it's really impressive.  

Sunday 5 September 2010

200 Sales. Done!

I was alerted to my 200th sale as I drank my morning tea in bed today!  It's the first print I've sold of this particular image so that made me especially pleased.  I must remember to pop out for a new box of paper tomorrow.  I do hope that September will be a good month, August and July were both not bad for sales, fingers crossed that it continues!

Clevedon Pier - 200th sale!

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Double Yellow Lines Print Set

Here's another new print set in the same format as the Green Japan and the Brown Crete ones.

Double Yellow Lines Fine Art Photographs - Six 5 inches Square


Green Japanese Prints

 Here's the second in my new range of prints.  This one is showcaseing photographs which I took in Japan and they are all green.