Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Handmade items inspired by my morning run.

I've been inspired by my lovely little run this morning to peruse Etsy to see what I could find to fit my mood and here's a handful of great items which do the job perfectly:

iRun Scrabble Tile Pendant by Jesse Janes

iEverything really, iMac, iPhone, iPod and so on, I couldn't do my runs without my iPhone on which I have my new but already much loved Nike+ app, so this sweet little pendant is very appropriate!


The Chase by Painter Nik

I aspire to effortsly running the green and pleasant rolling hills, but until my fitness levels increase dramatically, I'll be staying very flat!  I really like this little watercolour with it's slim and fit looking runners.....


1980s high-tops by Flower on the Wall

How cool are these shoes!  I really wanted some like this in the 80s when they would have broken pretty much all my uniform rules at school (I had black and white leather football boots for lacrosse instead which were also pretty fabulous, unlike my lacrosse abilities!).  I know they're not really running shoes, but they fit my mood.

Recycled iPod Armband by Hen and Chick

How could you resist the fabulous bright and cheery summer colours of this great armband - I couldn't use it for running as it would end up sweaty and horrid, but for more leisurely pottering it would certainly fit the bill and it would go perfectly with the high-tops!  (Edit - Rachel has told me that the armband is washable, so sweaty isn't a problem!)

Running Cufflinks by London Baby Girl

I know they're for men, but I love the bight spring colours and the curvaceous edges, if my partner ran, I'd buy them for him! 



  1. I really like that little painting.

    sigh.. i need to get back to running. go away rain! I want to run outside!

  2. Love the inspired post, great finds.

  3. Thank you for including my cufflinks. I adore your collection.

  4. Thanks for including my iPod armband! Great post and great blog! I am now a follower.
    P.S. The armband is machine washable, so you could muck it up all you like! ;)

  5. Thank you for including m pendant!! Thank you!


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