Saturday 14 February 2009

Goodies from The Beauty Bible

I've long been a fan of The Beauty Bible which is a fabulous resource for any fan of quality beauty products which I certainly am. In a recent email newsletter they were asking for new testers for their forthcoming book and for £30 I thought I'd give it a go. My spending on bathroom unguents has plummeted in my recently and seemingly never ending financially limited times so and I've been doing okay on cheap and cheerful stuff - Liz Earl Hot Cloth Cleanser - discovered by reading the Beauty Bible a few years ago, this has since then been my second choice cleanser (£12) instead of Eve Lom (£45+), Tesco's brilliant Barbra Daly foundation (£6) instead of Chanel (£25) (unless I've enough Boots Advantage Points to get one for 'nothing'), Boots moisturiser (£4) and eye cream (£6) instead of Bliss (£45)(£25), I've always used pretty bog standard hair stuff but have found that Boots basics hair serum for £1.99 does just as good a job as all the designer stuff I'd spend £6-7 on and it's in a plastic bottle which I much prefer. And my face hasn't dropped off yet but I do really miss the lovely packaging and the feel of the expensive liquids and creams, the subtle fragrances and the lovely shallow satisfaction of seeing all that lovely stuff lined up in my bathroom cabinet. So I decided that I could do with a bit of a daily treat and pamper and thought that I put myself forward as a tester. My parcel of goodies arrived today and here's what it contained:

I was obviously delighted to find a small pot of Eve Lom Cleanser to which I've been addicted to for since it first existed and have been missing out on as I mentioned earlier, it's now well out of my budget, so hurrah! Then there's the Kheil's Creme de Corps which I've used in the past and was delighted to see - its great stuff. There's an organic dry hair mask, some organic shimmer powder, a weird looking clear moisturiser, a skin brightener which smells lovely, a Ruby and Millie lipstick which looks very wearable, a vile Rimmel lilac eyeliner and a lip pencil in an everyday nude colour. Oh, and some skin, hair and nail food supplements. I used to take up to ten vitamin and mineral capsules/pills a day, so the four a day here will be child's play.

My first reactions are that it's a good batch and it would be worth it if just for the Eve Lom and Kheils. I'm no fan of skin brighteners and hair masks never really work for me, but I'm looking forward to giving them all a good going over. I have yet to receive the paperwork for noting my thoughts and findings, so I am resisting using them apart from a bit of a dabble this morning. A very nice gift to find waiting for me on Valentine's Day!

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