Tuesday, 4 March 2008

First Sale

I sold a book!

My book on Burb has just made it's first sale, what a lovely surprise for me when I got home!

So I'll just plug it again in case the buyer came from here!

Capturing the blues...
By Sarah Franklin


  1. Congratulations! I have been wanting to do a Blurb book for sometime now. How did you find the process? From the preview, your book looks stunning, are you happy with it?

  2. Hi rescallion - I'm glad you like my book! I found out yesterday who my secret purchaser was and it was someone who I never would have expected, which was nice!

    The Blurb Booksmart software is really impressive and very easy to use, especially if you have a Flicr account as you can link directly with your sets there. It's even more impressive if you have a big screen as there's quite a lot to be looking at and if you've got lots of pages, it can be a bit confusing.....

    I am happy with the book, the cover is really nice paper (soft cover, I didn't buy a hardback as it was just an experiment really), the colour reproduction is fine inside, the paper's a bit shiny for my taste and I don't think you could fool any experts into thinking that it's a really expensive coffee table book, but that's not what I was aiming for.

    The prices are good (apart from the shipping which is crazy) and I'd say to have a go it is a fun process!


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