Monday 31 March 2008

Through the Viewfinder - again

I really enjoyed messing around with my fake TTV images, and after yet another try with my beautiful Rolleicord, I have decided to persevere in making the images in the 'correct way'. I also decided that the Rolleicord isn't suitable for the job, firstly because it's really heavy and to juggle that with a contraption and another camera on top is a recipe for lens blur if ever there's been one and secondly, the front and side flaps are a pain and just get in the way. I know I could butcher it and remove the flaps, but that would be a great shame as the camera still works with film.

So I've gone back to the beginning and just bid on a Kodak Duaflex on good old Ebay, the Duaflex is the camera of choice for all the cool kids who seem to rattle their stunning TTV pics out at an alarming rate of knots. My bid's in at £15 which I think is reasonable and it's the highest bid by about £5 so far. I don't think I want to go much higher. If I don't get this one, there are two more with end dates of 6th April, but I'm inpatient and 'my one' ends in six hours, so I'll be standing on my head in yoga at the critical moment which is shame, but it will stop me spending too much!

Fingers crossed for me please!

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