Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Earn money from blogging. Nice!

When I read about the opportunities to earn some extra cash through payperpost from the ever informative message boards at Etsy I thought that it would be right up my street. I’ve been blogging about one thing or another forever and felt confident enough to forward my ramblings to a third party for appraisal. I duly signed up my Blogger blog as you have to start off by submitting one blog and once you have, I think it’s ten approved posts, you can add further blogs. I plan to add my food blog over at Vox in due course, it’s been rather abandoned lately, but I do love writing about food, cooking and eating out and really should start it up again.

Anyway I digress.

The deal with PayPerPost is that once your beloved blog has been approved you go to the page with the ‘available opportunities’ and see which you qualify for. The various types of offer are colour coded – grey for opportunities which are no longer available, pink for the ones that aren’t available to you for a variety of reasons (you’ve not enough PPP posts under your belt, wrong Blog format, wrong country etc) and finally the ones you want, the green ones. You can click on any of these to see some more information about the company you’ll be writing about and see what you have to include in your post. There’s always a link, sometimes an invisible image which is just a line of code to insert at the end of the post which no doubt does something clever.

So you choose your opportunity, check out the company you’ll be writing about and get typing, remembering to add any links, images and disclosures which are necessary. You submit the blog entry to PPP via their website and voilla, you’re done. An email comes to you telling you if you post has been accepted and if it’s not, there’s a reason why and you may have an opportunity to change what’s wrong. For example I forgot to add my disclosure line on one post, and after I’d corrected that, the post was accepted.

The values of posts vary from $5 up to a rather more generous $100+. When you’re starting out it seems that the opportunities are rather limited if you want them to even vaguely fit in with your creative and craft based blog, but I’ve done two which I managed to tie in without them looking too conspicuous (I hope!). I am assuming that the more posts you do, that the range of opportunities available becomes wider and more varied. There are some seriously impressive earnings quoted on the front page of up to $20,000. I’m not quite sure how that’s possible, but I’d like to stick around for long enough to find out!

This is going to earn me $20 which is better than a poke in the eye with a stick.

So come and join in, it’s fun to be asked to write about something you wouldn’t normally and more fun to earn money doing it!

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