Friday, 9 May 2008

On display

There's rather a nice deli down the road from home which sprung up less than a year ago and despite all good intentions we never quite managed to pop in as it was always closed when we walked past. Eventually we did pop in for lunch one day and were pleasantly surprised. Mum had mushroom soup which was as good as you'd get in a restaurant, my lentily soup wasn't as good as that, but still a good lunch. We had some chunks of fantastic wholemeal bread which was cut especially for us. Peter had something vegetably and cheesy which was delicious. While we were there I noticed that they had alarmingly empty walls and feeling full of beans (literally) I very bravely (or so I thought) asked them if they would be interested in displaying some rather nice foodie photography. Basically they said "yes" and after showing them some samples of my work as paper prints we've agreed on ten 12" square canvas prints. The very first one is being printed as a test tonight and I'll be heading off to the printers very soon to have a look at his range of materials etc. I've had nothing to do with canvas prints at all, and haven't really even given them much attention in shops and so on, but they are much less expensive to produce than lovely framed pieces and much easier to cart around and less likely to break as I am a bit of a klutz!

Obviously I plan to sell the pictures to the general deli visiting public, I haven't decided on the prices yet, or how exactly it will work, but I'm really hoping that it could be a good way to make some money and to start to get my name around a bit.

I've chosen five foodie pictures and five non-foodie as I appreciate that not everyone wants to have pictures of grub, however pretty on their living room walls. I'll also get some cards made to sell either as sets or individually.

The owners seemed very positive about the venture and they have a florist shop not to far away and suggested that I take photos there and make a display. I haven't really thought any more about that yet, but I love floral photography so once I get my mind round to it, I'm sure I'll think of a nice angle for that opportunity too.

These are some of the images I'll be showing at the deli

Foxglove and Heart


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