Thursday 24 July 2008

Bbq Prep and Demolition

"Let's have a bbq, " they said, "we'll go and get the food and would you mind getting it ready?". Of course I said "yes", we havent' had a barbie for ages, none this year, and the weather was lousy all last year and we didn't manage, so the prospect was good.

The (male) hunter-gatherers did their thing and returned to the kitchen and offered me, two packs of beef mince, two packs of sausages, one French loaf, a pot of yoghourt and three courgettes......Out of this offering plus the meagre contents of my fridge and my well stocked store cupboard we are having the following:
Home made Moroccan spiced burgers, shop bought sausages tarted up with extra seasoning and herbs, oven roast red onions and courgettes with thyme, home made herby humous, plain yoghourt with masses of herbs, Greek salad (tomatoes, cucumber and feta), basmati rice with coriander spice, peas, herbs and lemon. It's taken me hours and I'm knackered! But at least I won't have to deal with the cooking of the meat and I'm certainly not washing up....


It was all delicious and I prepared far to much food as usual. There will be plenty for lunch tomorrow.

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