Tuesday 1 July 2008

It's like a view to the past....

You know how it is when you take photos, it's all consuming from the minute you pack up your kit and head out to the beach/garden/seedy back streets/holiday wherever... to the first press of the shutter and it continues all the way back home, checking the screen to see just how great your pictures are, to the computer, the recovery cup of tea/gin and tonic/ to the uploading and the frantic tweeking and the uploading to Flickr/Etsy/your own site. Then people start to say nice things and you might sell a couple of prints. Then you sort of forget. It's very sad.

But there's a solution from the brilliant people at Photojojo which is a super dooper weekly photography mailing list which gives you some great projects to do and loads of really imaginative stuff to look at. We'll they've launched a genius little thing called Time Capsule, what you do is link with your Flickr account and twice a month you'll get an email with a few of your 'most interesting' (that's Flickr speak) pictures from last year. I've had mine today with five pictures from last year - a few which I took at friend's perfect English Country Garden including scenic chickens, a flower shot on a lightbox and stencil graffiti of a Dalek!

I think that everyone should sign up to Time Capsule, it's a great tool guaranteed to make you smile when it arrive in your inbox, Photojojo never spam you ever it's always really good quality content.

Do it today and rediscover your best pictures from a year ago!

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