Monday, 23 November 2009

Dr Who Treasury and New Camera.

It's been one of those fallow Treasury phases for a while now, so I was very relieved to see this nice nerdy number this morning with my Dalek print along with more cool Dr Who stuff. We watched the watery episode the other night and it has whetted my appetite for the Christmas special where David Tennant's Dr will disappear forever......

Dr WhoooOOooo..HEY! Dr Who.
By K C Burk

I'm off to the gym in a minute and I've decided to have my first 'run' for months, I hope I survive it. I'll only be on the treadmill where I can be suitably cautious and I'm quite looking forward to it as I have missed it, the crosstrainer, while being fun and a great calorie burner just doesn't have the same satisfaction value.

I finally got my act together and bought my happy-snappy camera and here it is - the Panasonic Lumix FX60, it's a cute little thing with a lovely satin finish, far too many daft pre-set scene options (with a rather cool pin-hole one), and all sorts of bits and pieces I'm sure I won't use, but it's spec is good and I'll be looking forward to having a camera on hand at all times again as I've missed many opportunites in the recent past. My Birthday Banners collection has particularly suffered and I'm pleased that the next time I see one somewhere vaguely accessable, I'll be able to get a snap of it.

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  1. Beautiful treasury!
    and- congrats on your new purchase! :)


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