Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Now available as coasters!

In an exciting new development, a selection of my photographs are being made into waterproof ceramic coasters by Bill at House of Six Cats, he's using a range of images from members of the Photographers of Etsy Team of which he is one of the co-leaders.

The coasters are printed using an Epson R2880 Exhibition quality printer, on a state of the art material that is water-proof, smudge-proof, and stain resistant. The material is also self adhesive so it creates a permanent bond with the tile, and this means there is virtually no transitional lip from print to tile. Each tile measures 4.25” x 4.25" and is backed with black foam that ensure against table abrasion and sliding. They can also be used as back-splashes in the kitchen or bathroom which could look rather amazing!

Here's a shot of the four finished tiles, I think they look rather lovely.

One set has already sold out of Bill's shop which is great for both of us, and they are also available from my shop. He has artwork for two more sets using my images, one set of four different graffiti pictures and one using my Crosby Steps photo which will be printed over all four so that they fit together to make one big image. They're not available yet, but hopefully it won't be long.

I've made another sale on RedBubble which is one of those selling sites that I tend to forget about as it runs so smoothly and doesn't bombard me with messages and newsletters that I don't really bother with it, but with the notification that someone has bought a framed print of The Ministry of Silly Walks I remembered that they also offer calenders. As I have made my own calendar I thought I may as well offer a similar range of images there, so this morning, I have made one brand new one with a few clicks of the mouse and it's there in my shop looking lovely. If fact it was so simple that I totally edited and redesigned one which I had made ages ago.

I've got a meeting this morning about some exciting new goings on which I'll write about in more detail when I know for sure what's happening......

And to finish off and to add another picture, here's a Treasury:

Simply Morocco
by Vintage Bess

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