Thursday, 11 February 2010

Love You Scrabble on Etsy's Front Page

I've been selling lots of my Scrabble Valentine's cards from Folksy which has been fantastic, it's a funny little site which I like for it's UK bias but I find it cumbersome to use but shall persevere as I want to support the UK handmade/craft scene in my own little way.  (While I've been typing this I got a happy Transaction email for one of my I Love You Scrabble Jumble cards selling on Etsy, which is the first one to go from there.)

Another Scrabble image is on the Front Page of Etsy (bottom right) right now along with a great and unusual collection of items.  I love the little note you get on Facebook to tell you you've been Featured, it's so handy.  The last two FPs have been bought to my attention this way.

Anyway, got to dash as I need to pop out to find a late post box for the card I've just sold so it arrives tomorrow!

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