Friday 19 February 2010

And they say romance is dead...

Shot from my (stationary) car, through a snowy side window at the romantic roundabout off the M60 in Stockport near a massive Tesco!

I've sorted out all my real work photos today which is a good thing.

We're out tonight to the very cosy Persia Grillhouse to celebrate a friend's 40th for the second time, last week it was a big meal out with many people, tonight it's the actual birthday as as far as I know, just us.

Peter's back from his few days in Holland working with my uncle and tomorrow I'm off to stay with my parents in mum's flat in Fuerteventura. I haven't packed a thing but I have purchased two new shirts and two new books. My flight's at 15.30 so I'll have plenty of time to get organized in the morning. I hate packing.

So that's all for a week, I'm off to the sun!

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