Sunday, 1 August 2010

One day, Two Etsy Front Pages, Seven Sales!

It's been a good few days in Etsy land!  Someone enquired about an enlarged print and I explained about my A3 and 20x30 inch prints which are sizes I've previously offered and then she asked if I could make a 40x60 inch print which is MASSIVE and the answer was 'yes'.  I'll be picking the print up from the lab on Monday or Tuesday and I can't wait to see how my Path Through Moss print will look.  I'm now offering this size in my shop - the listing is here should you be interested.

We had a very busy day yesterday making lunch (roast tomato soup with basil oil and olive croutons, salad Nicoise, cheese) which went on till about 5.30, then two sets of friends popped round and we didn't go out as planned as I wasn't in the mood to eat out, so we drank lots of wine, finished off the cheese and sourdough and I russled a few edibles togeterh from the fridge and we chatted and nibbled till midnight. 

When in bed I checked my email and discovered that my work had been on two Etsy Front Pages that evening and that I had made six sales to one person - hurrah!  I'll be busy making prints on Monday.....

Here are the Front Pages:

You can see my Lanterns and Star Note Card here

You can see my Spring Cherry Blossoms Print here

Thanks to both clever curators for including my work in their lovely Treasuries!

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