Thursday, 30 September 2010

Feeling Blue Sale! 25% off my blue prints!

I'm having my first ever sale thanks to a fabulous and stupidly easy to use new application called Etsy on Sale.  You log in to use it and it basically lets you have a sale on either all the items in your shop or by section, you can choose a percentage or an amount, you can set a start and stop time and you can add a new title and it all happens as if by magic!  Your items have a nice new title, the prices are automatically reduced and, best of all, it all disappears when your chosen time frame is up.  How great is that?

Anyway, as soon as I saw details in the ever informative Etsy Forums, I knew that it would let me apply shop wide discounts for the UK Silly Sale which I wrote about yesterday.  I may have to rejig my sections a bit, but I'm sure I'll manages.

My 24 hour sale is called 'Feeling Blue' and it's offering 25% of all my blue pictures (that's blue coloured if you were wondering), I've made a new banner and a bit of a lame avatar (it's so difficult to make a nice design in a 75x75px size, it's so small!) and I'll see how it goes.

All of these lovely pictures are included:

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