Thursday, 17 April 2008

First Class Males




I went on the Manchester Flickr Groups jolly to the wonderful Victoria Baths on Sunday. The Victoria Baths are a work in progress. There are three pools, one for First Class Males, then for Second Class Males and finally the Women get a place for a dip. There were also little cubicles on the galleries above the three pools where you could rent a bath and hot water for you and your grubby family to have a wash as your house wouldn't have had a bathroom.

The Baths won the BBCs very first Restoration competition a few years ago which got the much needed restorative work under way and the don't seem to have stopped since. It's a really impressive place and we were very lucky to have a private tour for about one (very cold) hour and we were just left alone to wander where we wanted and take as many pictures as our memory cards could cope with. I'll definitely go back in six months or so to see if any new parts have been uncovered (some warmer weather would be welcome too). I'd particularly like to see the Turkish baths which are being worked on at the moment.

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