Monday 28 April 2008

Trying to get my pictures to display exactly as I want them.

Face 14" target="_blank">Face 14 ." target="_blank">.

In Preview in Semagic the images are side by side, but it's done exactly the same as Blogger with Flickr images which is that it rather bizarrely posts two of the same image with the text " target="_blank"> inbetween the identical images. It always does this and it's seriously irritating. Whan you post images from Flickr onto an external site you are obliged by the user agreement to use the code which links back to Flickr. I'm very happy to do this (it works perfectly on Live Journal) but it never ever works on Blogger. I thought that using Semagic might make a difference. But it seems not. Unless the weird formatting disaperars as if by magic by the time the post arrives in Blogger.

Here goes again.

Edit - and yet again, it looks crap. I might have to consider moving this blog somewhere else as this just isn't satisfactory. I mean it is supposed to be a photo blog.

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