Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Cards for sale at Greetings by Photobox

My cards are now live on the Greetings by Photobox site, an offshoot of the mighty Photobox. They asked for submissions of designs by 'Pro Gallery' holders and even though I think that the Pro Gallery site is terrible, ugly and hard to navigate (a new site is due soon apparently) I couldn't resist sending 15 designs in. It's taken a while for them to show up and it's not a complete offering yet, as there's nowhere to organize your submissions/tags/profile yet, they do say that it's on it's way "soon". I am concerned that they will be accepting every design which is submitted - I'm not saying that mine are the best there...but there are some photo cards which are just bad photos with poor colours, bad lighting and ungainly shadows. I do hope that there will be some vetting process else the site will be flooded with hundreds of average cards and I think that the customers will end up being overwhelmed by choice and just won't bother.

Anyway, here's a screenshot of one of my cards on the front page:

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