Saturday 23 August 2008

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend....

And it's starting with a family wedding in Liverpool today. I'm one of the photographers which luckily gets me out of doing all of the formal shots and hovering around the altar, I've been asked to do hand held photojournalism type shots, to capture the moments which the Pro won't get as he'll be too busy wrangling grannies and babies. I was a bit freaked out about it, but after seeing the not so great wedding photos at an online gallery of two very smart friends which probably cost them a fortune, I'm a bit less concerned. I'm taking my lightweight zoom, my wide and my 50mm - actually all my lenses apart from my too heavy to carry zoom. I plan to put the photos on a Photobox gallery so that the guests can do a bit of shopping at their leisure and I'll hopefully make a bit of dosh. I can't quite work out how to get people to look at the gallery though, perhaps I'll make a link on my website and then sprinkle my business cards around the reception for people to pick up....

Anyway, enough about that.

My path through moss print is in a gorgeous Treasury this morning:

It Began With a Photo (Part 2)
by Indie Chick

Click here to see it onsite until it expires at 9.23 on Sunday

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