Wednesday, 23 February 2011

My First Collection on Artfire

I have a shop on Artfire to sell my photos etc.  Or rather I don't actually sell anything there so I have upgraded to their Pro version which has a vast array of features, in fact, it's all a bit much.  I'm so used to the simplicity of Etsy that I always find other sites hard work.  They have a feature over there called Collections which are a similar thing to Treasuries on Etsy.  It's a much easier process on Artfire as you add the item you like directly from their shop and the system automatically messages all of the people whose work you have featured which saves copying and pasting loads of Convos |(in Etsy) and continually crashing Firefox in the process!  So I was very pleased with that.

Here's a view of what I've put together, click on the image to see the whole view.

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