Wednesday 16 February 2011

Taste Test as a Treasury Making Tool.

I was in a very nice Treasury on Etsy the other day which had been compiled using the Etsy Taste Test which I think I recall hearing about a while ago but didn't look at it, just read about it being rubbished in the Forums, and that was that.  Anyway, when I came across the Treasury yesterday there was a link to the Taste Test and I had a look and liked what I saw.  It's a really good way of compiling a Treasury without sifting through pages and pages of stuff I don't like at all.  You can't enter any keywords, so if you wanted items on a specific theme or colour or location, it's not for you.  I like to make my Treasuries by look and found that this tool made the whole experience much more efficient and I think I'll be doing them more often from now on!

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