Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What's for supper, a little book of found shopping lists.

I have a secret, it's not earth shattering gossip or anything like that, it's a little embarrassing. People think I'm strange.

Here goes - I collect shopping lists, as I have mentioned here before. Other people's shopping lists. I look in shopping trolleys, the floor around trolleys and at the end of the conveyors at checkout and when I find a list, it makes me happy. I have a drawer full of them and really want to share the eccentric, eclectic, gourmet, fast food wonderful variety of them.

So using list I've scanned some I have made them into a little tiny book of sixteen full colour pages each one with a little glimpse into the life of someone who lives in my part of the world. I've even hand stitched it!


  1. I LOVE this idea- it's fantastic! You must keep doing it! It would make me wonder about the owner's story and what they are planning to cook:)

  2. Ha ~ that is hilarious! I'll admit to picking up discarded lists and taking a peek myself... ;)

  3. That's fabulous! What a neat thing to do- collect shopping lists. I want to have a hobby like that!


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