Thursday, 4 June 2009


I've been featured on the lovely blog called Happyment, Rasa has a Window Shopping feature each week and often shops for photography. This week it's Through the Viewfinder images and has made a very nice selection (not that I'm biased or anything!).

I'm working on some square card designs which will be properly litho printed and it might be going ahead next week and I'm very excited. It's a bit tricky trying to decide which images to choose as I can only have six designs done in one go and I need to make sure that I get them right. I'm going on the basis that images which have sold well as prints will sell well as cards......they'll be blank inside, as if I added text, it would have to be the same for all of them and I think that's a bit limiting as I very rarely buy cards with other people's words inside, I like blank. There will be vast quantities so I hope I get it right else I'll be lumbered with boxes of cards for the rest of my life! Then I'll have to get brave and visit some shops and see if I can flog them and actually make some money, which would be novel!

Here's a random image as it doesn't seem right to post on my blog without adding a picture!

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  1. Great feature - I love your seaside pier photo! Your new card venture sounds very exciting - I think leaving them blank is the best option too (just blank on the inside, obviously - otherwise they may be a bit dull!)Can't wait to see them!
    Angie x


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