Wednesday 10 June 2009

I'm having a Yart Sale in my Etsy Shop

I've seen the rather unattractive word 'yart' touted around for a bit now and had no inclination to find out what it was all about as often all of the hysterical postings in the Promotions Thread on the Etsy Forums tend to make my eyes bleed, but my resistance was low earlier and I did some reading.

So the Etsy Yart Sale is an Etsy wide promotion which runs from 10th to 14th June and basically you can apply any promotion to the goods in your shop - free postage, 10% off, buy one get one free etc....My offering is "buy one of the prints in the Yart Sale Section of my shop and then you can pick any other print of the same or lesser value for 50% or the listed price." Sounds pretty good to me, so here are the prints which are in the Yart Sale section (so far):

So, hurry scurry and rush over to Eyeshoot Photography before the end of June 14th to grab your half price print!

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