Saturday 18 July 2009

New paper, nice Treasury.

Here's a lovely pale Treasury with the ever popular Love in a Mist print. The mixture of colours here is really pretty and there are some great items and masses of views!

I've been getting quite a few enquiries about larger prints lately so I made a new listing for 30x20" prints but no one seems to notice it and I always get a Convo first, which is fine but to make it more obvious for potential customers I've been going through my popular prints and adding a link to the larger listing which will hopefully point them in the right direction!

I bought some fab new paper for my prints this week as the super smooth Epson archival paper I'd been using for ages finally ran out. The chosen stock is Brilliant Museum Satin Matte White which is satisfyingly heave at 300gsm, has a very slight sheen and a very slight texture and looks very smart indeed. It took me ages to go through my Etsy shop listings and change the technical blurb to reflect the new paper. I've not bothered with the other shops where the sales seem to be totally random as I've a few sheets of the old stuff left which should do for the next few sales.

I'll be off the the Manchester Craft Centre very soon to meet the Manchester Etsy team for a chat, some tea and toast and to give them a sneak preview of my top secret new photo product.....

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