Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Sourdough 4d

This morning I fed my starter in the same fashion as Tuesday and yet again it did nothing much until about 5pm and now it's lovely and bubbly and has risen nicely. Which means that it takes about nine hours to peak.

I've been trying to work out when I can actually make some bread with the thing as it's quite easy to forget that that is actually the aim of the whole performance! I'm out working all day tomorrow and won't have time nor inclination to play with flour before I leave or when I get home. I'll be at my birthday bbq at mum's all Saturday afternoon and no doubt evening too, so the last thing I'll want to do is faff with bread when we get home. So Friday's my window of opportunity. I'll be at yoga from 9.30 - 11.00, and home by 11.30 so my plan is:

Miss the morning feed tomorrow (Thursday).
Feed at bedtime tomorrow so that it's at it's peak about nine hours afterwards which will be about 7.30 so if I'm super organized, at about 8.30 before I go to yoga, I can mix the dry ingredients, cover and ignore for 18 hours which will take me to 3am on Saturday. I'm sure a little longer proving won't hurt and then when I surface on Saturday (9.30ish) I can shape the dough, leave for another 1.5 hours and then bake before we go to mum's to celebrate my 38th.....Then I can eat fresh sourdough bread when I get home!

I'm definitely doing the no knead method as I think that it sounds like a technique which I can actually manage nicely now that I'll be going out and doing a proper job for a change.....

I'm getting excited about it now and keep chattering away to poor Peter about starters, bubbles and feeding schedules! He might appreciate it when there's actually some bread to eat!

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  1. I'm not gonna lie... just thinking about it makes me hungry. lol


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