Wednesday 15 July 2009

Two Treasuries, Three Photos from Morocco

I've not posted any Treasury screenshots for a while, mainly because I've not been in many! But I couldn't resist sharing this one of my favourite place in the world!

There are two of my pictures in it and rather oddly, the lovely Polaroid in the centre top row is a shot which I've captured myself in Tangier. My treatment is very different, but isn't it coincidence that two Etsy people can be in a big and confusing medina and spot exactly the same sign - the pink wall caught my eye, I'll bet that Opart was drawn in by the baskets! My version of it is below.

Restaurant Kasbah

Then there's this lovely eclectic collection with another of my Moroccan photos, it's obviously the place to be at the moment!

Season Ticket
by A Good Vintage

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