Tuesday 19 January 2010

To cheer myself up on a very dull day!

I've been playing with my Flypaper Textures today and after literally hours of messing around with this one I have an image I'm really pleased with. I messed up with the saving and managed to flatten the image so all of the painstakingly created layers have vanished....oops.

Then I printed it out following my usual steps image to InDesign to PDF to print selecting the appropriate paper profile in the print dialogue which always works. Except when it doesn't, and that was today. The image came out dull, flat with very little definition and detail. Disappointed? Yes, very, mainly because it's my lack of technical know how around printing/profiles etc letting me down again.

I really dislike having printing problems as it's such a slow process to work out what's wrong, not to mention the 'waste' of precious ink and paper.

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