Monday, 25 January 2010

Back from Holland and nice and busy!

We're back from our weekend in Holland, it was pretty relaxed with plenty of chatting, cooking, eating and drinking.  The general sloth was punctuated by a bracing walk on the beach on Sunday morning.  It had snowed overnight and there was a scenic sprinkling  - not too much, there was no trouble on the road to cause any grief, but it was very pretty and the first time I've ever been on a snowy beach.  The light was super soft and the sky seriously grey so I am hoping that I can do some magic with the pictures which I shot and that they don't just look flat and dull.  I'll be able to have a bash at them on Wednesday if I don't get sidetracked by marmelade making as I managed to find 3kg today and they will need some attention pretty soon.

I my absence this weekend I've sold two prints on A4 and one 20x30 print so am very happy!  The two small prints are all wrapped up and ready to post tomorrow and the big one has been emailed to the lab for them to do their thing.

Also while away my work was featured on a beautiful blog called Apple and Eve which is definitely worth a look (but not 'till you've finished here!).

Paper willow spoons

Amanda's from Somerset and has some great cashmere in her shop - just what our cold necks need at the moment!

Singing in the Rain

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