Thursday, 7 January 2010

Two lovely Treasuries

Out of the Clouds

The Treasury shares its name with my print Out of the Clouds which I shot in Crete last summers.  I wonder which came first, my print or the title!  I love the colour palate used here, so delicate and there are some lovely pieces too.

She's Lovely, Isn't She?
By Nemeton and the FHF Team

The FHF Team is the Frit Happens Etsy Street Team and they're all about offering the best in artisan lampwork, fused glass, and jewellery from the UK & Europe on Etsy.  She's picked my Love in a Mist print which I'd sort of forgotten about, it's a really good seller but not so much in the cold winter months, hopefully it will be popular again this year!

Thanks to both UK based curators, I hope the snow's treating you both well!

I made it out to the gym this morning after wimping out yesterday, I decided to go off the motorway and the road was fine, if a little slow.  I had a splendid workout and have used up a tidy 770 cals which is a very good thing.  There were a few new faces which is inevitable in January, but it's always quiet in the mornings.  The gym is in an odd area of land, it's some sort of wetland I think - there are often fishermen around lurking in the grass, you can spot their shelters, umbrellas and rods.  It was obviously snowy this morning, but the long grasses and trees were so beautifully frosted that it literally sparkled against the blue sky.  I'm very tempted to go back later with my camera and boots and have a potter aobut.  I'd never seen snow sparkle like that before, it was real Christmas card stuff.

I thought I'd go home via the motorway, but something nasty had obviously happened and there was a police car blocking the slip road and it was shut.  I wonder what happened.  I got home very slowly but in one piece!

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