Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday recovery.

I ate all together far too much at the weekend and now feel heavy, fat and generally bleargh. But I'm off to the gym in 25 mins for a swift and efficient hours workout of an iTrain cross trainer 25 mins followed by 30 mins of hand held weights, Swiss ball, abs and stretches, which should help control it all a little! Then there's yoga tonight to further soothe and stretch my abused body.

Anyway, in my pre-gym Treasury trawl I found this lovely lilac one:

Provence Romance
by Tickled Pink Knits

I really like the Bridget Cowl from her shop, it's a seriously cosy accessory which would be perfect for keeping the back of your neck toasty warm on these dull wintry days.

In fact the whole shop is full of lovely items for the winter wardrobe.....

My Bind it All still hasn't arrived despite being dispatched on Jan 6th, so I suppose I'll have to brave the surly men at my local sorting office to see if it's arrived and is languishing on their shelves, I'm sure I won't get a positive response from them. Fingers crossed that it arrives while I'm out.

Then I've really got to get on with the marmalade making today, I'll do a double recipe quantity which is twelve small jars, which I can manage as I've rifled through my jar stash and I've enough decent ones for this quantity. For the rest, I'll have to raid the fridge and chuck out some dregs.

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  1. ...have enjoyed looking around ur blog and reading ur commentary...thanks!


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