Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Five Treasuries, Dead Trees, Bind it All

It's been a bumper morning for Treausuries which started with an Etsy Convo in my inbox at the first early morning, bleary eyed check of email on the old iPhone while still warm and cosy in bed. Always nice on these crisp, white frosty mornings. This first Treasury here was the result of such a Convo this morning (I do like the trend of alerting shop owners to there presence in a Treasury, with the best will in the world, it's impossible to check them all). Anyway, here it is:

March of the Teddy Bears
by Baroness Bijoutery

Number 2 - a selection of lovely blues,

Color me Blue
by Tots Ta Teens Jewelry

There are some great pieces of jewellery in her shop, I particularly like this cute daisy ring for a bargain $8 - how can you possibly resist?

Number 3 - This one is really lovely and I'm no fan of pastelly soft pinks, but 3Fun has put together a splendid selection of items,

Peach Tree
by 3Fun

This ring from her shop is really fun Felt Ring with Message Box Charm for just $27

Number 4 -

Tell the World How You Feel
by Chicalookate

I've always liked Chicalookate's work, I think it's mainly because of the amount of graffiti images she has in her full to bursting shop, I've got a very soft spot for graffiti as you may have noticed and can't help be fascinated by the stuff. I love the selection she's put together here. I've a particularly soft spot for all of the Robot Pirate items, it's such a cute little figure and is on cards, costers, mirrors ........

Number 5 - This one is a stunner too, it's usually the reds and blacks which catch my eye and the print of mine that's in here is one of my favourites (mind you, I don't think I've sold one yet!), it's also my avatar.

by Scrap Paper Designs

I love the Big Man Bag it's stunning! Scrap Papers's shop is full of great digital image sheets of many and various designs, but it was the pretty swirly leafy patterns which caught my eye

That's it for Treasuries for now - many thanks to everyone who liked my work enough to include it!

I was out and about in the very nice cold sunniness yesterday afternoon doing something that I talk about every year at this time. I've long wanted to photograph discarded Christmas trees as I find myself endlessly fascinated by them and how long they seem to loiter near dustbins, skips and front gardens. I was lucky as it was bin day in one area and there was plenty to photograph in the relative easiness of the dustbin area which was less awkward than photographing trees still on doorsteps or front gardens, I was half expecting to be challenged on several occasions by householders or passersby, but this didn't happen thank goodness. A mixture of walking and driving seemed to be the most efficient method, I only stopped when the light failed. I'll have another go today.

Here's a little taster:

Also, my Bind it All has been dispatched and should arrive by tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on all the treasuries! I had several graffiti themes that I was choosing between before I settled on "love", but all of them had one of your photos in them.

    Let me know how you like your Bind It All. I have a coil punch, but was thinking of adding a B.I.A. to my collection of tools.

  2. i'm glad no one accosted you as you photographed the trees! wonderful treasuries too - fantastic work :-D


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