Thursday, 8 January 2009

Very Thursday

Here's a nice creative Treasury, I really like it when my prints are the only photography in a collection made up of a wide range of items, this one has a book, shoes and jewellery and they all work together beautifully.

I heart you II
by 5gardenias

5 Gardenia's shop is seriously ecclectic and full of wonderful and interesting things which she's photographed in one of the most striking style I've seen on Etsy. I'll certainly be having a look around in more detail! Here are a couple of items which really stand out for me:

Bailey Island Maine Souvenir Sachet Mailer

I've got some real work today, real as in for someone else, but I won't be getting any real money for it.....It's a portrait of a young lady holding some graphics which will be printed onto some stationery and then photographed by me again and will then go on to the website which is run by the men of the family. More on that later when it exists!

It's horrid and misty murky today so I doubt I'll be able to go Christmas tree hunting. Mind you, you can never what the weather will do.

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